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Pledge Entry Wizard

Pledge Entry Wizard is a powerful tool that greatly increases the effectiveness of your volunteers and providing an even more positive experience for your donors.  

Features include:

  • Survey your constituents at the time they make their pledge.  Configure survey questions prior to the drive so your volunteers can obtain the answers that give you more insight into to member listening habits, giving preferences or capture that essential demographic information that you've been longing to analyze.
  • Premium management during a pledge drive can be a challenge!  Now you can eliminate the fuss and capture multiple quantities, sort the premium display to quickly find the premium by description or minimum pledge amount, and capture key instructions about delivery to prove to the member that your customer service is on top of things!
  • Readily identify upgrades to existing sustainer pledges and manage those separately from new installment pledges.  And for those listeners who pledge a unique monthly $ amount for a specific time period (such as $17.50 for 15 months!), the automated Monthly Payment Calculation will greatly assist by quickly displaying the total Pledge Amount.
  • Easy to use entry windows lead volunteers through the approved script and necessary steps to quickly enter a pledge.
  • Volunteers can look-up existing accounts eliminating the need to enter address information or create duplicate records; greatly speeding up the process for your members.
  • Pledges are imported into ENTERPRISE through Gift Acquisition allowing for thorough review of all volunteer entered data before posting; Gift Acquisition will assign Source & Sub-Source Codes based on the time the pledge was received.
  • Premium inventory management can prevent volunteers from selecting items that are no longer available; premiums can even be coordinated with those that are being offered on-air limiting the number of premiums a volunteer must look through.
  • Exceptions and special requests are entered as notes for review later by staff to quicken the entry process.
  • Up to the minute pledge totals are available for a specified time period; announce progress toward your goals on-air.

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