Access International Software Corp. grew out of a partnership with leading nonprofit organizations to create software solutions to fit their complex fundraising, membership, and financial requirements. Since our founding in 1978, we have helped organizations of all sizes do more with less providing more efficient ways to get their jobs done through technology, backed by our commitment to customer service.

Our software has been used by a wide range of nonprofit organizations including United Ways, public broadcasting, health, museums, religious institutions, social justice organizations, and more. Their sizes range from only a few staff to hundreds. Some have modest budgets while others raise significant funds. At the core of each is a commitment to creating a positive impact in their communities.

Over the years our software has changed as technology advances and strategies adapt. But the importance of growing relationships and positively impacting your communities is integral to our development and products. The work you do is paramount, and we are proud to be a part of that success. While we keep an eye on fundraising and technology trends, the best source of feedback and enhancement ideas come from our customers. This is a partnership. We are excited to continue working with you to provide an engine of change for your communities.

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