Reporting & Analysis

Easy access to your data is imperative. With Enterprise you have a variety of reporting options to give you the information you need in the format you choose.

Need data in a spreadsheet?

  • Integrated exports to MS Excel

    Enterprise has integrated exports directly to Excel throughout the database. See a result set? Export it to Excel for further analysis.
  • NETQuery

    Users of all levels need quick lists and data sets. The NETQuery browser based wizard walks users through creating their own queries. Save them, share them, export the results to Excel, send emails, and record when communications are sent.
  • Selection Management

    With Selection Management you define your report criteria from the ground up. Schedule your selections to run on a regular basis so your mailing lists and reports are ready and waiting for you when you need them.
  • SQL Queries

    With a MS SQL database backbone, Enterprise allows you to get to the data behind the application. Directly access your database for custom exports, integrations, and reporting.

Need a print friendly report?

  • Enterprise Reports

    Your Enterprise database comes loaded with the most common print friendly reports written based on user feedback. Find account lists, campaign stats, accounting summaries, and more.

Need a dashboard or graph?

  • eLENS

    The mobile responsive eLENS website puts your fundraising stats and data at your fingertips whether in the office or on the go. Create dashboards, customize graph lenses, drill down into the detail behind the numbers, then export that data to excel.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

  • Report Writing

    Let our report writers create custom reports that fit your unique business needs. Export them in a printable format or to a spreadsheet for more data slicing and dicing or for a mailing.

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