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Your fundraising needs aren’t one dimensional. And they’re unique to your organization. Over the years we’ve developed a variety of modules with our users to help you meet these needs.

New to Enterprise? Here's what you get.

  • Enterprise

    Fundraising, membership, campaign management, and CRM software solution. Enterprise is a flexible and robust system designed to facilitate all aspects of fundraising including individual giving, leadership programs, membership, workplace campaigns, capital campaigns, annual funds, moves management, data acquisition, reporting, and analysis for all organization sizes.
  • NETQuery

    This flexible web based reporting tool's wizard interface walks users through criteria and output selection to produce lists of accounts and data. Real time information from your Enterprise database exports into Microsoft Excel for easy sorting, mail merging, and graphing. You can also email your donors and update contact history from NETQuery.
  • Designation Payout

    For United Ways and community organizations who distribute funds. A fast, efficient, and flexible tool to calculate payouts to agencies, Designation Payout standardizes your payout processes. It includes a variety of fee hierarchies, exclusions, selection criteria, and reports working from a donor choice model in Enterprise that allows donors to designate their contributions out to agencies.

You can extend your Enterprise CRM tools with these additional modules.

  • Enterprise Mobile

    A mobile friendly way to access and update key account and campaign information on the go. View and update address information, notes, contacts, touchpoints, and reported amounts in your Enterprise database in real time.
  • Advanced CRM

    The Advanced CRM module integrates Enterprise with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Work from the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface with access to key Enterprise data.

One of these optional modules may be the answer to your other fundraising needs.

  • eLENS

    A web based mobile responsive dashboard reporting tool. Customize your own dashboards using the lens library and dynamic filter options to refine output. Then drill down from summary views to detail reports that export to Microsoft Excel using real time data from your Enterprise database. Your organization can also create its own lenses from Crystal Reports.
  • Special Events

    This module operates within the framework of Enterprise and helps you manage events including dinners, receptions, seminars, and more. For each event, track invitees, RSVPs, seating arrangements, meal preferences, sponsors, ticketing, budget, and other event logistics.
  • Planned Giving

    This module operates within the framework of Enterprise to manage your donors' planned giving intentions. It tracks a variety of planned gift vehicles including annuities, trusts, pooled income funds, bequests, or any other financial vehicle.
  • Pledge Wizard

    For public broadcasting stations, this high volume pledge entry system designed for volunteers to follow a script and enter pledges at a rapid pace during pledge drive.

United Ways can enhance their donor and agency experiences with these websites.

  • AgencyLink

    AgencyLink allows you to easily and securely share accurate donation and payment information with designated organizations, federations, and other United Ways. In this web based tool you can also manage Patriot Act compliance and send emails eliminating the paperwork of the payout process.
  • DonorLink

    This web based tool provides individual donors with self-service, easy access to their United Way giving history as well as their contact, interest, and demographic information on file. You can send email acknowledgements, invitations, and other communications to donors from DonorLink.
  • Engage

    This web based software solution helps you manage Speakers, Tours, Fairs, and Day of Caring events in your community. Engage can be loaded with data from any campaign management system and manages agency availability and calendars, automatic email confirmations and evaluations, and online requests from companies via a link on your website.

Are you ready to run your workplace campaigns online?

  • PledgeLink

    An electronic workplace campaign solution that can be customized to your company branding and messaging. The employee experience is mobile responsive adjusting to fit a desktop or mobile device. PledgeLink is easy to set up, easy to deploy, and easy to afford. Export pledges for import into any campaign management system and eliminate paper pledge cards and manual data entry.

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